Work Smarter, Start Your Own Business Or Win The WSOP, You Choose.

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Work Smart

There are many ways to make some extra money these days, with the internet available around every corner and access to a whole plethora or information, there’s actually no excuse why you can’t live life just a little bit better and comfortably than anyone else.  Whether you want to take the approach of working smarter, starting your own business or even fancy your chances at winning the WSOP, it all comes down to a being more intelligent with your time.

As Tim Ferriss mentions on his blog the four hour working week, its not a matter of working yourself to the bone until all sorts of unsociable hours, you simply need to find something you’re good at and interested in, study it then make it work.

It can be as simple as studying cards and winning the WSOP poker and becoming a millionaire on the back of a game of cards. This isn’t exactly the usual way of doing things but the winner, and even several runners up walk away with way over a cool million. How did they do it? By studying and working at something they are interested in and becoming good at it.

The same goes for business. So many people dream of owning their business and working for themselves one day, but how many actually do it? Not many is the answer. If you start your own business and get through the inevitable rough ride at the beginning, you’re bound to make a success of things.

If you’re in a job you love, simply work smarter. Outsource all that excess work, make excuses not to go to meetings and cut those lengthy emails down to a sentence or 2. This will free up your time to make money in other places and put some research and passion into something else you believe in. A lot of people search far and wide for an answer as to how they can get out of their 9-5 business rut that they find themselves. These are just a few ways, remember them and you will without a doubt find yourself on the pathway to a more comfortable life.


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